Cedar Mountain Timber Truths-Concession Road Mercantile

Cedar Mountain Timber Truths

Cedar Mountain Studios

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Truisms both humorous and heartfelt printed on whitewashed cedar blocks that will match any decor. Each piece comes keyholed for easy hanging but can also be stacked on a shelf or desk. 18" or 22" x 2" x 1"

From the Maker:

Cedar Mountain Studios is located on beautiful Salt Spring Island in BC. We settled on this gem in the Salish Sea almost 25 years ago and are so happy we did.  We built our workshop steps away from our home on our 11 acre property surrounded by beautiful cedar trees, a pond, and a vista created by mother nature. Our inspiration greets us every morning as we make our way to the Studio. Happily we have been able to welcome our youngest daughter Amy and her husband Dan into the fold in recent years. The joining of family and a team of dedicated staff have created a winning combination for us. We recently coined the term “Mountaineers” to describe our clan. Hard work and humour are the keys to making the many hours spent at Cedar Mountain both happy and productive.