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hair tie
hair tie
hair tie

Tangle-free Hair Ties


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The perfect hair tie whether you’re dressing down for the gym or dolling up for a casual date night. And when you suddenly want to let your hair down, simply slip your swanky hair tie on your wrist and wear it as a bohemian-chic – yet still ultra-sophisticated – bracelet. But don’t be fooled – while these hair ties may look darling and delicate, they are made with a strong, durable elastic that keeps its shape and won’t break or snag on your hair.
  • Made of: 70% Nylon and 30% Spandex
  • Includes: 5 packs of 8 hair ties
  • Slip-free, wont fray and easy to hand wash
  • Hand-knotted, one-size-fits-all hair elastics that are perfect for hair of different textures