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Reiki Charged Crystal Candles
Reiki Charged Crystal Candles
Reiki Charged Crystal Candles
Reiki Charged Crystal Candles
Reiki Charged Crystal Candles

Reiki Charged Crystal Candles

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Handcrafted by a certified Reiki Healer, these unique candles are infused and charged with bright and positive energy. Use in the home or office. Made with all natural soy wax, each candle is topped with charged crystals, sweet grass, and other natural tokens. 11 oz.


Topped with amethyst + fluorite, our calm candle is made with a premium all natural soy wax and scented with Cucumber Melon fragrance. An aroma of sweet and sour cucumber and a deep green oily note with hints of violet, and a background of sweet, freshly sliced honeydew melon. 

The gentle combination of fluorite and amethyst generates a soothing energy that calms and heals the mind, body and soul. These highly regarded crystals will fill any space with harmony and peace. Fluorite radiates a calm and healing energy. It has the ability to absorb and neutralize any negative energy within a space or auric field. It's energy brings balance and restores order to the energies and people around it. This colourful crystal will fill your space with a harmonious vibration. Purple amethyst is highly esteemed for its legendary powers to stimulate the mind and soothe the body. It is a remarkable crystal that is both healing and protective in nature. It inspires an enhanced meditative state, bringing calm, balance and peace to the energies around it.


Topped with rose quartz + Dalmatian jasper, our positivity candle is made with a premium all natural soy wax and scented with Black Raspberry + Vanilla fragrance. A scent of ripe black raspberries mixed with dark plum and warm vanilla. 

The wonderful combination of these crystals creates a delightful and joyous frequency, restoring a sense of fun and child like wonder. These crystals truly bring a remarkable energy to any space and those within it. Rose quartz has a powerful but gentle energy that soothes and calms the aura. It is considered to be the crystal of unconditional love, opening the heart to foster empathy and promote self love. It emits a soft healing vibration that is joyous to the soul. Dalmatian jasper has a wonderful energy that promotes happiness. The black tourmaline inclusions help to cleanse and purify the aura. It transmutes any negative energy in the auric field, transforming the negative into positive.


Topped with smoky quartz + hematite, our Grounded candle is made with a premium all natural soy wax and scented with Apple Cinnamon fragrance. An aroma of crisp green apple mixed with a spicy and sweet sticky-bun pastry type fragrant oil. Top notes of green apple, crisp citrus, and nuances of Berries. Peach mid notes reaching into a light musk at the base of the fragrance - mixed with nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon rounded out with a rich sugary caramelized base with hints of vanilla bean. 

The remarkable combination of smoky quartz and hematite creates a warm blanket of energy that provides a feeling of stability and focus. Together, this dynamic duo anchors us back to the earth, restoring balance and enhancing concentration. Smoky quartz is an excellent grounding crystal as it gently neutralizes negative energies. Bringing strength and stability, it is one of the most efficient stones for grounding and cleansing. It has a direct and powerful connection with the earth's energies and healing vibrations. Hematite has a powerful grounding effect as it clears and activates the energy centre that anchors us to the earth and provides a feeling of stability. It aids in stabilizing the equilibrium, restoring balance and enhancing one's concentration and focus.


Topped with citrine + carnelian, our recharge candle is made with a premium all natural soy wax and scented with Tropical Vibes fragrance. A luscious combination of tangerine, mandarin, lime and kumquat mixed with watermelon, green apples, cantaloupe and honeydew.

The bold combination of carnelian and citrine creates a powerful and vibrant frequency, boosting creativity and mental focus. These premier stones generate a lively and radiant energy, giving an instant pick-me-up. Citrine's bright and energetic vibration is a premier stone of manifestation, imagination and personal will. Like the sunlight, it creates a warm and comforting energy, providing abundance of light and happiness. Citrine radiates light and positive energy, dissipating all negative energy in the environment and auric field. Carnelian is a stone of motivation and endurance. It's powerful and bold energy boosts confidence and the creative power of true expression. Carnelian creates a wonderful and harmonious balance between creativity and mental focus.


Topped with black tourmaline + clear quartz, our protection candle is made with a premium all natural soy wax and scented with Manchurian Dragon fragrance. A scent of fruity delights with crisp top notes of pineapple and peach infused with a blend of citrusy orange. Find traces of rose, wood violet and carnation in mid-notes adding zest that settles into luscious vanilla cream blended with oak moss and sweet musk. 

The impressive combination of clear quartz and black tourmaline is an all around powerhouse. Together, they create a protective frequency that neutralizes and transmutes any negative energy in the space. Clear quartz is known for it's highly protective, amplifying and healing properties. It's powerful energy connects with the vibration of OM, activating and balancing one's energy centres and auric fields. It cleanses and purifies negative energy, offering spiritual protection by guarding the aura and environment. Black tourmaline is a powerful and protective stone, making it one of the best crystals to eliminate and block negative or harmful energies. It creates a boundary in the auric field, making an impenetrable protective shield. Black tourmaline will cleanse, purify and transform dense energy into a lighter vibration, making your space airy and bright.