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During the great depression, toys were expensive to buy. Mothers were always looking for ways to create toys for their children to play with. An inspiration was found in dad’s sock drawer. With a few stitches and lots of love, an ordinary pair of socks was turned into an adorable stuffed monkey that continues to be a classic. 

About Pook

Tony Pook and Kevin McCotter are the Canadian founders of Pook Toques. With Tony’s creativeness, and the enormous brain power of Kevin, the match was sure to be a winner. Having known each other since birth, they have gone to school together, played sports together, and traveled parts of the world together.

As can easily be guessed, yes, alcohol was involved when Pook was born. One night while Tony’s mouth was running a little too freely from the talking juice, a friend picked up one of his traditional Canadian wool socks from the floor, threw it at Tony, and told him to “put a sock in it”. Instead of in it, Tony put it on it--on his head. Wearing the sock around the apartment while consuming some more of Uncle Tom’s magic cough syrup, Tony’s creative juices got flowing.

Somehow he was able to envision a toque made from these socks and thought it would be a good gag for the upcoming Christmas season. A visit to Walmart° for some socks, a local fabric shop for some fleece, and a few hours’ tutorial from his mother on the family sewing machine, soon Tony had a working prototype of the “Pook Toque”. It took a few bags of wasted socks to get the right sizing of the cuts, but finally the toque came to its present form, and what a toque it is.

The original demand Tony received from friends and relatives that found it to be a great toque got Tony to thinking there might be enough crazy people out there willing to wear it. And there was! Pook took off and continues to grow. The line expanded from the Pook Toque to include mittens, onesies and more. Check out the full line at www.pook.ca. And don't miss Tony as he demonstrates the Pook Toque in all its multifunctional glory!