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Sadelmager Shire Tote

Shire Tote Bag

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Never feel like you have quite enough room to fit everything you need into one bag?  Look no further than the Shire Tote, built to hold it all together.  Handcrafted from sturdy English bridle leather, this minimal design is nothing short from having everything you need.  Pockets, spacious interior and it's gorgeous to boot.  

Artisan handcrafted in Ontario Canada featuring:

-3/4 oz. English Bridle Leather

-Solid Brass hardware

-One small inner pocket, one large outer pocket on back

-Spacious interior

-Measures 15" tall, 18.5" length, 5" wide

About the Artisan:

All our products start in a sketchbook and are then hand designed, patterned, cut, edged and dyed. They are then sewn by machine or by hand (although most of the sewing is done by hand). Each piece is handcrafted in small batches and each product is ensured to have the highest standards for quality.  Due to the nature of their make, these items are unique and they all slightly differ in their own little way.  Most of our items are limited editions.