oak tumblers
Oak Whiskey Tumbler Gift Set
Oak Whiskey Tumbler Gift Set
Oak Whiskey Tumbler Gift Set
Oak Whiskey Tumbler Gift Set

Oak Whiskey Tumbler Gift Set

Stinson Studio

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A new way to experience your favourite spirit. Our Oak Tumblers provide a rich sensory experience striving to echo the Master Tasters first dip into the oak aging cask.

Our handmade oak tumblers are flame toasted on the inside, heat sealing the wood grain, and replicating the slightly smokey, oak cask aging conditions of your favourite; scotch, whiskey, tequila, vodka, rye or bourbon.

You've enjoyed your favourite spirit in an inert glass tumbler, now experience it come alive returned to the cask. White Oak makes the cups very durable and the perfect glass for the cottage, country house, boat, or sitting around outside with friends.

Our Oak Tumbler holds up to 4oz, and can be used for neat or on the rocks.

Each Oak Tumbler is hand turned from a single block of white oak, dried over 6 weeks, and then lightly charred on the inside to seal the wood grain, and provide a slightly smokey aroma.

The exterior is sanded smooth and polished with beeswax and pasteurized coconut oil, allowing you to feel the soft texture of the wood grain against your lip.

Let the outside develop a nice antique oak patina with use, or keep up the warm glow of the oak by occasionally polishing with a wax polish.

Retain the integrity of the vessel by not leaving liquids to sit in it overnight. Hand wash with clear water, or to sterilize for a commercial setting, wash with a mixture of oxygen bleach and water. Please do not put wood in the dishwasher.

Gift crate set of 2 tumblers. Made in Canada.

About Stinson Studios

Stinson Studios is a two generation family woodworking business dating back to 1982. Since that time, the Stinsons have transformed a passion for woodworking as a cathartic exercise, into a thriving business with retail partners across North America.

Our locally sourced Canadian materials are a key to the success of our work. In particular, we are drawn to the rich natural spaulting patterns that can be found in aged or scared wood.

The Ambrosia Maple Bowls with “finger spaulting” or “starburst” patterns, that we have become known for, are a perfect example of spaulting that happens naturally during a trees' life span.

Over the past few decades, we have developed methods of naturally spaulting wood by burying and aging it for up to 18 months. By embracing nature and aging we can enhance the unique characteristics of different woods and create pieces with a balance between form, function and the incredible variation found in nature.