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Nature Tubes

Nature Tubes

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Butterfly 12 piece set includes an assortment of colorful butterflies including a Monarch and some Swallowtails. 

Farm babies include a playset with a variety of barn yard animal figures.

With a variety of insect figurines, this Wild Republic nature tube is the perfect toy for creepy, crawly adventures. Roll out the playmat and enjoy exploring the nooks and crannies of nature with these beetles, crickets, spiders and more! 

Figures measure from approximately 2.25 Inch across and are made from flexible phthalate-free plastic with painted details with a reusable package.


Wild Republic proactively strives to be as environmentally friendly and ethically responsible as possible. Our devotion to high quality and the strictest safety requirements has earned us a reputation for having exemplary products that exceed industry standards. We have begun converting our production processes to include reusable packaging, phthalate-free non-toxic materials, and sustainable resources. We fight for not only producing better toys for children but also making a better world that is filled with love, hope and joy. Wild Republic is a proud supporter of the Abhayabala Project. Abhayabala is a Hindi word meaning "fearless girls". The project rescues poor, at risk, and abused girls and gives them a safe and loving home, free of fear, and full of joy.