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Milk Paint by Fusion

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This muted blue with a touch of grey is a love letter to the chic coastal California locale and its natural beauty. It’s complex enough to make a statement on its own or paired with a neutral palette.

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About Milk Paint by Fusion

Milk Paint by Fusion is Milk Paint made modern! Fusion has perfected the ancient milk paint formula. Just mix-and-go! The Milk Paint recipe stays true to that of an authentic milk paint containing all natural ingredients such as chalk, clay, limestone, casein, and pigments. Unlike some Milk Paint found in a can, Milk Paint by Fusion contains no vinyl resins.

The result is a long lasting, durable paint popularly used by furniture flippers, green consumers and home owners seeking to capture a variety of trendy looks--both modern or antique with a hard-as-stone finish. Can be used for interior or exterior use, and is mold resistant. When using less water than called for the texture can be used for embossing. More water, create a stain on raw wood!


1) Prep! If your piece is raw wood, no prep needed! If previously painted, give your piece a good scuff coat with medium grit sandpaper. Clean thoroughly with TSP or soap and water.

2) Mix your paint! Combine 1 part water to 1 part powdered paint and stir thoroughly for a couple of minutes.

3) Paint using any brush. Each coat dries within 15 to 30 minutes and can be recoated as soon as it's dry.

4) Seal! Apply a top coat to seal your surface and bring out the true depth of colour. This also protects your piece. Hemp oil and furniture wax are great options.

Approximate coverage:

50g bag - 15 square feet
330g bag - 100 square feet