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Inspirational Journals by Robyn Liechti-Concession Road Mercantile
Inspirational Journals by Robyn Liechti-Concession Road Mercantile

Inspirational Journals by Robyn Liechti

Robyn Liechti

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Inspirational journals by Ontario author Robyn Liechti.

The Making of a Grandparent is an inspirational guided keepsake journal. It places the emphasis on the story of your grandparents' legacy and not just 'things' or heirlooms.

Through a series of questions you will discover and explore the experiences that have shaped your grandparent into the person you know them as today. Learn about your grandparents' childhood, years of growth, insights and untold stories while honouring their journey along the way.

The Making of a Grandparent is a great way to open conversations you may not have had otherwise. It can be completed by a grandparent and passed down for future generations. Or, a grandchild can complete it while spending time together and asking the questions.

The Making of a Grandparent is meant to bring families closer together. It makes a great gift for any grandparent, on any occasion or just because. Cherish your time together, share moments and ask as many questions as you can!

  • Hardcover
  • 5.5" W x 8.5" H
  • 96 Pages
  • Your new family heirloom!

The Making of a Grateful Heart is a daily gratitude journal for children of all ages. This journal encourages mindfulness, self love, quality family time, and a positive mindset through gratitude.

Some of the benefits of gratitude include positivity, resilience, fulfillment, and a greater sense of happiness towards oneself and others. In a time where the media has us constantly comparing ourselves to others, gratitude and self love is essential. 

The Making of a Grateful Heart only takes a few minutes each day, and its benefits will last a lifetime. This journal looks at the wonderful events in your child's day and also encourages finding a lesson in their least favourite moments.

Let’s encourage this daily practice with our children, and watch as it positively affects all aspects of their life and those around them.


  • Soft Cover
  • Perfect Bound
  • 162 Pages
  • 8.0” x 8.25”