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Hand-dipped Incense

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The perfect incense: hand-dipped, with complex custom blended scents, natural ingredients, aromatic perfume, and not a hint of cheap chemical smell. Made in Canada by Incense Republic.

What you get: 20 incense sticks packaged in a plastic sleeve and then boxed to keep your sticks smelling awesome.

MOVE FORWARD: Frankincense and myrrh adorn this scent, with woody aromas and swirls of fruity overtones. These deep and powerful scents give a reminder of how the present is intricately connected with the past. Great for Courage, Abundance, Spiritual Awareness and Protection.

REVOLUTION: Feel the stability of the rich and mossy forest ground, the quietness of a deserted beach, or the tranquility of your own garden meld with your soul. Black sandalwood, eucalyptus and floral undertones and the perfume of clean mountain air combine in a scent to celebrate the now. Protection, Clarity & Growth. 

LIBERATION: Take refuge in the rich and flavorful scent of black coconut mixed with spicy undertones of sandalwood. Reminiscent of a beach house in late fall or a cabin tucked in the woods, this scent reminds you that you’re safe and warm and cozy inside whatever the weather.

UNITE: The perfume of clean mountain air and the total experience of pure, enjoying-the-moment, stress-free bliss. The sun, the flowers, the rich soil, all luxuriously combine to remind us that just as nature is connected, we need each other.

OF THE PEOPLE: Rich undertones of musk contrast a very subtle sweetness in this this clean yet complex scent. Subtle, seductive, and unforgettable, it reminds us that opposites do attract and paradoxes resolve.

AUTONOMY: Top notes of Lilac, Ylang Ylang with Jasmine and Rose with a gentle Musk base. This incense blend combines Jasmine, Lilac and warm Vanilla with base notes of Caramel. Warm, seductive, and unforgettable, it reminds us that opposites do attract and paradoxes resolve. Use this incense for: Spiritual Awareness, Abundance and Love.

PERSEVERE: Delicate floral and fresh Muguet and Champaka blended with a light Musk. This Nag Champa blend encourages us to pursue the best version of ourselves.

STAND UP: Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply. Just be. With fresh and clean lavender overtones and a hint of aloe, this scent is what you need to relax your mind, muscles, and mood. These sticks are made using 100% Organic Essential Oils.

FREEDOM: Bergamot and lime. Amazing for Stress Relief and Energizing your space spiritually used for happiness, abundance courage and protection.

PERSIST: Organic Patchouli & Wild-crafted Lavender. Create the oasis of your dreams and soothe your senses with these spicy, lush Patchouli & Lavender incense sticks. Crafted using two of our highest grade oil blends these sticks are sure to please.  Perfect for Abundance, Cleansing, Relaxation, Growth, Sleep.

SERENITY: Organic Patchouli. Patchouli is perfect for that natural earthy scent reminiscent of a warm Summers day. Like the feeling of true serenity these sticks are warm, cozy and welcoming. Pair with your favourite ritual for an enhanced aromatic experience. Crafted using Organic Essential Oil. Use this incense for: Clarity, Abundance and Growth.

HARMONY: Organic Rosemary. Love the feeling of a calm and serene space? This incense can be described as gentle, lush and relaxing. This historical perfume delivers an immense amount of healing for your mind and mood. Handcrafted with wild-crafted Rosemary essential oil. Use this incense for: Cleansing, Protection, Sleep and Anxiety Relief.

MASTERY: Soft and subtle Eucalyptus essential oil and Musk mixed with a hint of Orange. Mastery comes in all different forms - Your home should be one of them. Use this incense for: Relaxation and Anxiety relief, Meditation and Clarity