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Hand-dipped Incense

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The perfect incense: hand-dipped, with complex custom blended scents, natural ingredients, aromatic perfume, and not a hint of cheap chemical smell. Made in Canada by Incense Republic.

What you get: 20 incense sticks packaged in a plastic sleeve and then boxed to keep your sticks smelling awesome.

MOVE FORWARD: Frankincense and myrrh adorn this scent, with woody aromas and swirls of fruity overtones. These deep and powerful scents give a reminder of how the present is intricately connected with the past.

REVOLUTION: Feel the stability of the rich and mossy forest ground, the quietness of a deserted beach, or the tranquility of your own garden meld with your soul. Black sandalwood, eucalyptus and floral undertones and the perfume of clean mountain air combine in a scent to celebrate the now.

LIBERATION: Take refuge in the rich and flavorful scent of black coconut mixed with spicy undertones of sandalwood. Reminiscent of a beach house in late fall or a cabin tucked in the woods, this scent reminds you that you’re safe and warm and cozy inside whatever the weather.

UNITE: The perfume of clean mountain air and the total experience of pure, enjoying-the-moment, stress-free bliss. The sun, the flowers, the rich soil, all luxuriously combine to remind us that just as nature is connected, we need each other.

OF THE PEOPLE: Rich undertones of musk contrast a very subtle sweetness in this this clean yet complex scent. Subtle, seductive, and unforgettable, it reminds us that opposites do attract and paradoxes resolve.

AUTONOMY: Top notes of Lilac, Ylang Ylang with Jasmine and Rose with a gentle Musk base.

PERSEVERE: Delicate floral and fresh Muguet and Champaka blended with a light Musk. This Nag Champa blend encourages us to pursue the best version of ourselves.

STAND UP: Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply. Just be. With fresh and clean lavender overtones and a hint of aloe, this scent is what you need to relax your mind, muscles, and mood. These sticks are made using 100% Organic Essential Oils.