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Essential Oil Nebulizer

Essential Oil Nebulizer

Divine Essence

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The Aerium® PRO essential oil therapeutic diffuser is a glass nebulizer which uses a process of cold vaporization of essential oils. It is designed to vaporize and disperse extremely fine particles of essential oils directly into the air. This process avoids heating and altering the oil. The micro-drops of essential oil will purify the air, providing a cleaner and fresher atmosphere for several hours. The Aerium® PRO essential oil therapeutic diffuser is an excellent natural method to effectively fight against airborne bacteria, virus, mildew, cooking odours, pet smells, tobacco smoke, insects (particularly dusk mites in carpets) and much more.

It operates on a pre-established cycle. Diffusion intervals of 2 minutes on and 1 minute off. Automatic shutdown after 2 hours.

Ideal for the home, office, beauty salons, yoga studios, spas, etc.

Wooden base, glassware, LED lighting with 5 changing colors, recommended for use in a living space measuring up to 100 m² (1,000 ft2).

A bottle of Sweet Orange essential oil is included with each diffuser.