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driftwood log box
driftwood log box

Driftwood Log Boxes

Driftwood Studio

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Handcrafted driftwood log boxes. The driftwood is collected by the artist from the shores of Canadian beaches. Each log box is hand silk screened and then coated for long-lasting durability. Only the top of the box is coated, the rest is the natural wood. Made in Canada. 

About the Artist:

Paul Kane of Driftwood Studio has been represented in art galleries and fine gift shops across North America for the past 20 years. We provide Canadian hand-made artwork to wholesale buyers and retail customers throughout North America. We offer a wide selection of trendy handmade products that are eco-friendly. Our nature inspired products have a unique and distinguished look and feel. Just as nature does, our products grow and change and we are always looking for new inspiration and innovative ways of portraying nature in our creations. We are located in London, Ontario, Canada.