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Damien's Gourmet Hot Sauces


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When you take Damien as your spicy new love, you open yourself up to your tastiest life. He will make you feel hot, excited, alive - do strange things to your eggs, and unleash your pizza pie. Be warned: to know Damien is to want him. Because his solemn and humble promise is to change your entire life. He is The One. Have him.
Damien sells only two handcrafted hot sauces. Both are made from natural ingredients. No sugar added. No salt. No powders to dehydrate this brief existence.
THE HOTEL OSCAR TANGO HOT SAUCE:  Crafted from mango, vinegar, habaneros, garlic & fresh herbs.
THE SUB-LIME LIMA ZULU HOT SAUCE:  Crafted from limes, mango, vinegar, habaneros, garlic & fresh herbs
  • Made from only fresh ingredients
  • Gluten free
  • No salt or sugars added
  • Medium spiciness
  • Tons of flavor


HOTEL OSCAR TANGO: Savour it on pizza, eggs, or anything grilled. Off fingers or thighs. In soups and stews. Habaneros go really well with tomatoes and/or everything.

LIMA ZULU: Boldly add it anywhere you squeeze a lime: fish tacos, guac, salsa, curries. On lemon sorbet. And please make Caesars with it, for the love of all that’s holy.

GENERAL RULES TO LIVE BY: Either sauce can be mixed with other condiments if you’re into spectacular things. Dip fries or chips into mayo with Lima Zulu. Add Hotel Oscar Tango to BBQ sauce and your life will instantly become more complete. Increased prosperity and vitality will likely follow whatever choices you make.