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Craft Cocktail & Soda Mixes

Split Tree Cocktail Company

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Making a delicious cocktail or soda shouldn't be time-consuming or difficult! 

Split Tree Cocktail Company creates small batch, craft syrups using fresh ingredients, with no artificial preservatives, and nothing we can’t pronounce. The result is a multiple award-winning selection of cocktail and soda mixes for the consumer with a discerning pallet! 

Made in Ottawa, Canada!


Created by combining freshly squeezed lemon juice, lavender flowers, and sugar to produce a truly authentic and natural cordial with the floral taste of lavender and a fresh lemon finish. This mix makes a refreshing soda and pairs beautifully with vodka, gin, and campari, aperol and chartreuse for a refreshing cocktail with an authentic craft taste.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, lemon juice, lavender flowers


This cocktail mix starts with whole fresh rhubarb lemons, and elderflower combined with sugar to produce a sweet and tart natural syrup with subtle floral notes. A unique combination not found anywhere, this cordial mixes with soda water to create a delicate soda reminiscent of summer, and pairs perfectly with vodka, gin, bourbon, and fruit liqueurs to create a classic craft cocktail.

Our Rhubarb and Elderflower Cordial won the Bronze medal at the 2019 internationally recognized SIP Awards. Bronze medals are presented to well-crafted mixes that qualify for special distinction with their strong performance in the SIP double blind tasting with consumer judges. Bronze medals are noteworthy achievements deserving of recommendation.

This cordial tastes like summer! Fresh Rhubarb, Elderflowers and lemons make this cordial great Add a little fresh mint for extra flavour and aroma!

All mixes are sold in 8oz. (250ml) bottles.
A typical drink will use between 1/2oz and 1 oz of our mixes.
Each bottle will make 8-16 drinks
Ingredients: whole rhubarb, elder flowers, lemon juice, lemon zest, lemon oil, water, sugar and citric acid.