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Chocosol Traders Chocolate Bars

Chocosol Traders

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Made from an in-house blend of the highest quality cacao, these bars are made using roasted cacao nibs, cacao butter, and simple, whole-food ingredients. We don't make flavoured chocolate--we make chocolate that uses ingredients to change the mouthfeel, flavours, and experience of each unique bar. All made fresh, bean-to-bar in our Toronto kitchens, we use a low-heat and low-sheer stone-grinding method to retain the nutrition and complex flavour profiles of cacao in these dark chocolate bars. Our low processing time also gives these bars a rustic, full-bodied mouth-feel and texture that has been perfected over 12 years of recipe development.

All packaged in food-grade, biodegradable packaging.

75 g bars - 5 different flavours