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Cheeky Bits Baby Wipe Solution

Cheeks Ahoy

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Cheeky Bits cloth wipe solution cubes are the super-convenient way to completely replace disposable wipes, just add water! Pair with the Cheeks Ahoy cloth baby wipes for a paperless baby bum cleaning solution!  

Directions: Place 1 Cheeky Bit into a large mason jar and fill with hot tap water.

Alternatively, place 1 Bit and 2 cups of water in a microwave-safe container and heat for 10-15 seconds at a time until melted. Shake up the solution to evenly distribute the melted soap in the mixture.

Pour solution over wipes in wipes tub or keep solution in a spray bottle to use one wipe at a time. I find one mason jar of solution lasts about three wipes tub fill-ups (or about one week's worth of wipes). 

Tip: keep a handful of dry wipes and a spray bottle of solution in the diaper bag! 

Ingredients: Unscented Castile soap, organic coconut oil, water, organic tea tree oil {used for its anti-bacterial properties}

Made in Canada.

About Cheeks Ahoy:

In 2013 our first baby was born, and I was so excited to start cloth diapering! But once I did, it occurred to me that while I was reusing diapers, I was throwing away disposable wipes at an alarming rate...

So I sewed up my first batch of flannel wipes and loved them so much that I made a set for another new mom. They loved them too! So I thought to myself "why can't every family have the benefits of these awesomely soft and effective wipes?!"

In our house we have completely replaced disposable wipes, saving ourselves a bundle, especially now with two babies. And when someone has a runny nose, we usually bypass the kleenex box in favour of a soft, non-irritating cheeky wipe.

Each wipe we make is sewn with love and care in our home right here in Peterborough, Ontario.