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Birch Bark Coffee is an innovative First Nations social enterprise created by Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow. Mark aims to change Indigenous lives across Canada one coffee bag at a time.

Inspired by his community, Whitefish River First Nation (Manitoulin Island), and the connection that the birch trees have to his Indigenous heritage, Mark established his company in 2018. Birch Bark Coffee is proud to offer organic, Fair-Trade and SPP certified coffee and is focused on creating active community change by bringing clean drinking water and installing water purification systems in every Indigenous home for free in Canada.

Mark is also a community builder who inspires aspiring entrepreneurs interested in Global shifts in social enterprises. By building a highly profitable social enterprise, Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow is leading by example as a proud Indigenous entrepreneur.

Birch Bark Coffee Co. is proud to offer Organic, Fair Trade and SPP Certified (Small Producers Symbol) coffee, which means that it is grown and produced by farmers who are Indigenous descendants. 

Indigenous people in Canada continue to live in third world-like conditions and Mark’s goal is to help make a difference in these communities.

For every few bags of coffee sold, Birch Bark Coffee equips a First Nations home with a certified water purification unit purchased and installed for free.

Mark is also the winner of the 2020 CANIE Indigenous Entrepreneur Award. 

340g / 12 oz whole bean bags

Summer Solstice - Dark Roast

The Summer Solstice is a day of traditional significance to Indigenous Peoples and has been celebrated around the world for thousands of years. The Earth’s northern hemisphere is tilted as close as it gets toward the sun and we enjoy the longest day of light in the year.

This is intensely dark roasted coffee from ASOBAGRI co-op in Guatemala. Very heavy notes of smoke, black pepper and bakers chocolate.

Indigenous - Espresso Medium/Dark Roast

The original inhabitants of Canada - First Nations, Métis and Inuit. They are the holders of language, knowledge, traditions, and beliefs. They have a special relationship to their traditional lands and understanding of the importance of sustainable management of natural resources.

This blend contains dark roasted, and a medium roasted, naturally-processed coffee from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. Naturally-processed means the coffee is dried inside the fruit of the coffee tree which is the original way of drying coffee but not the way most coffees are processed in modern times. Typically, these days, the skin and flesh of the coffee fruit is completely stripped and washed away from the seed before it is dried and exported. Naturally-processed coffees are typically very fruity, sweet, heavy in body and moderate in acidity. This particular natural coffee exhibits blueberry like flavours but is only blended in small quantities to increase sweetness, body and a hint of fruit, for a very special espresso experience.

Inukshuk - Medium/Dark Roast

Inukshuk are placed throughout the Arctic landscape acting as "helpers" to the Inuit. Among their many practical functions, they are used as hunting and navigational aids, coordination points and message centres.

This blend contains dark roasted coffee from ASOBAGRI co-op as well as Guatemalan coffee from a co-op called CCDA. This group is very politically active and advocates indigenous and campesino (peasant) rights in Solola department. They frequently oppose mining and hydroelectric projects in their territory and have a strong infrastructure of social supports for themselves using profits from fair trade coffee.

Coureurs des Bois - Medium Roast

Métis are the people who traveled and opened the waterways across Turtle Island. They were the Wood Runners (Coureurs Des Bois), the voyageurs, the paddlers, intrepid explorers and translators.

This bean is a blend of Guatemalan and Ethiopian coffee. The Ethiopian coffee is from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia from a co-op called Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union. The Union is comprised of over 200 different co-ops and represents over 200,000 farmer members. It is one of the largest coffee co-ops in the world. Ethiopian coffee has a pronounced, but sweet, acidity with a lot of citrus fruit, jasmine blossom and tea like qualities. It is one of the most unique-tasting coffees in the world. Coffee actually originated in the forests of Ethiopia.

Dream Catcher - Decaf Blend Medium/Dark Roast

Ojibwe believe that the night is full of both good and bad dreams. When a dream catcher is hung above the place where you sleep it moves freely in the night air and catches the dreams as they drift by.

This is a blend of a medium roasted and dark roasted decaffeinated coffee originating in Honduras. The dominant indigenous culture in the area is Lenca. The Lenca language is now extinct. The coffee is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process where 99.9% of the caffeine is removed using nothing but water and carbon filters. The coffee has strong nutty flavours and a subtle acidity.

Two-Spirit - Light Roast

Two-Spirit (2S) are gifted among all beings because they transcend the boundaries set by the binaries of male and female. The Creator allows them to see life through the eyes of all genders, restoring gender fluidity and expression among our people. Traditionally, Two-Spirit were revered and held significant roles as visionaries, healers, medicines people and care-givers.

This coffee brings the complementary qualities of African and Latin American coffees together to create a lively and sweet coffee brimming with brown sugar and roasted almond flavours, finishing with subtle notes of citrus and vanilla.