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Gift-a-Green Microgreens Card-Concession Road Mercantile
Gift-a-Green Microgreens Card-Concession Road Mercantile

Gift-a-Green Microgreens Card


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Gift-a-Green is a one-of-a-kind collection encompassing the true DIY spirit of growing your own indoor garden. Each pouch comes with one of eight different varieties of microgreen seeds and a special blend of either loose peat moss composition or dried coconut coir. Users will be thrilled to plant the seeds and watch their microgreens grow over a two-week period resulting in delicious and nutritious microgreens that can be added to a favourite dish. The best part of all, no need to transplant – The Pouch is the Pot! Gift-a-Green, has partnered up with several awesome North American companies in order to get the freshest ingredients, coolest packaging, and tastiest healthy treats into the hands and mouths of those you care about. We've designed our products to be mailed just like a regular postcard allowing you to simply:

1) choose a microgreens gift
2) select the occasion (birthday, thank you, etc.)
3) write your personal message
4) add your recipient's mailing address and a stamp
5) pop it in the mailbox!