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Fried Chicken Erasers-Concession Road Mercantile
Fried Chicken Erasers-Concession Road Mercantile

Fried Chicken Erasers

Fred & Friends

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Our 6-piece Bucket of Fried Chicken Erasers are an entertaining addition to your deskscape. Bring the crispy, crunchy comfort to your creative process... without those pesky calories!

Got writers block? Don't chicken out! Let the words flow like the grease out of a vat of used fried chicken oil at the end of the shift... Erasing mistakes will be like poultry in motion.

Looking for a fun gift for your favourite foodie? No reason to wing it! Fried Chicken lovers may break out into the funky chicken dance at the mere sight of these delicious nuggets of fun!

Includes 6 erasers in the shape of fried chicken. Made of BPA-free TPR and packed in a colourful paper “bucket” with a clear sealed lid. Our oddly tempting Bucket of Fried Chicken Erasers were designed by Charlotte Saul, Fred Studio.

About Fred & Friends:

FRED focuses on well-designed stuff that solves a problem, puts a smile on your face, and doesn’t cost a fortune. We delight in taking everyday, functional products and turning them into something fresh and unexpected, something funny, something personal.

We understand that design drives our business so we maintain our own creative studio while working with talent from all over the world — England, Europe, Latin America, Israel, China, Turkey, Korea, Thailand — an ever-expanding list.

We combine the best materials and processes with real-world pricing, supporting our products with close manufacturing supervision, relentless quality management, and ongoing safety testing — guaranteeing our customers’ satisfaction.

But no, really, who are we? FRED is made up of a ragtag group of designers and product development specialists who are devoted to bringing amusing, intriguing and useful ideas to life. We’re also devoted to beer . . . and cake.

Working from our renovated factory offices in Pawtucket, Rhode Island — the cradle of the American Industrial Revolution — we each bring our own blend of unique ideas, tastes and backgrounds to Fred’s table. It’s a stew for success! And fun. We have a ton of fun.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them!