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Detox Bath Salts: 

Sick? Or just need a good detox after a night of drinking too much.. juice? :) Enjoy a nice not bath with some of these salts. But make sure to drink lots of water during and after your bath!

Relax Bath Salts:

Long Day? Treat yourself to a nice, hot, relaxing bath with this Lemon and Lavender Bath Salt.

Pink Bath Salts:

For the little girl in all of us! Who wouldn't love soaking in a pink bath surrounded by floating rose buds?? Scented with pink grapefruit essential oil, this bath salt aims to please! Add 1/2-1cup per bath, soak for 20-40 minutes and enjoy!

Milk Bath Salts:

Milk is full of nutrients that your skin loves. The lactic acid in milk helps exfoliate and remove dead skin cells leaving new fresh skin behind, and the fat helps moisturize! The colloidal oats in this recipe will add even more moisturizing qualities to your bathing experience while the Epsom salts soothe aching muscles and pull toxins from the skin. Oh, and you can't beat the intoxicating smell of lavender while soaking in the bath.

About Bridlewood Soaps - a local (Orangeville) small-batch soap making company:

Our natural, handmade soaps are made with plant oils, have high glycerine content, are better for the environment (with no detergents, phosphates or sulphates), and are never tested on animals. Most commercially made soaps contain detergents, fillers, chemicals, petroleums, and high animal fat content that do nothing but harm to your skin. Your skin is the largest organ you have. Treat it well! Our soaps are made using the cold process method, with vegetable oils and butters. They are carefully formulated using different combinations and percentages of oils and other ingredients to ensure that you will find the perfect soap for your skin. The soaps are also made with a high 'super fat' content, meaning that there are leftover oils in the bar after the soap is made. Because of this, and the naturally high glycerine content of our soaps, they will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, never dry and tight like other soaps!